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We offer course designs that are specifically curated to meet your needs. Our professional tutors adapt their teaching methodologies to suit your study goals and deliver quality tutoring that guarantees results.

Asim & Ashiqur Rahman

– UFA Founders


Interactive Learning

We use interactive learning strategies to inculcate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students.


Exclusive Support

Our experienced tutors facilitate you every step of the way. We guide and coach you as and when needed to overcome all learning difficulties.

Promoting Good Education since the very

At Uplift Future Academics, we aim to facilitate the learning process and make education more accessible to everyone. We have been committed to providing quality tutoring services from the start and have achieved great success in this mission.

Our progress report shows the students have consistently improved their grades under the instruction of our skilled instructors.

  • Our students saw, on average, an improvement of 200 points in their SAT results.
  • Their ACT scores improved an average of 7 points.
  • Students were able to jump up a letter grade in most cases, i.e., they went from a grade C to a grade B, and from a grade B to a grade A.
  • Not only did our students’ grades and scores improved, but they also reported that they were able to apply the skills acquired through the course of their respective programs, to problem solving in other areas.
  • The parents of our younger students also reported being very satisfied with their children’s performance.
SAT Math
SAT Reading Comprehension
SAT Essay/Writing
ACT English
ACT Math
ACT Reading Comprehension
ACT Science
Subject-Specific Courses

We offer courses in subjects ranging from biological sciences and math to music and foreign languages, making sure to address the challenges faced by individual students in each subject. Among others, we offer courses in:

  • STEM related courses
  • Biology, Physics & Chemistry
  • English: Literature & Language
  • Math: Algebra, Calculus & Geometry
  • Foreign languages
Grade-Specific Programs

We provide tutoring programs from grade 1 till 12. Our experienced and professional tutors can take the burden of homeschooling off your hands and ensure your children get a standard quality education.

Test Prep Tutoring

For most colleges, the ultimate indication of a student’s academic efficiency is their performance in standardized tests. To help you ace your exam and get admission into your dream institute, we provide extensive test preps for:

  • SAT
  • ACT
  • SSAT
  • ISEE
Summer Bootcamp

The summer program is intended to help you meet your study goals, such as learning a new language, catching up with your work, or preparing for admission. The program is curated to meet your learning objectives.

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