Tutoring Policy


Uplift Future Academics tutoring and refund policy applies to all students for all in-person and online courses. Your purchase of and payment for courses will be regulated by this Tutoring Policy unless otherwise stated.

Uplift Future Academics attempts to ensure a clear comprehension of financial relations between its clients(students) and teachers with respect to the services we provide. The policy upholds all services and features offered through the Website and any related social media platforms.


Lessons can be cancelled/rescheduled up to 6 hours before the lesson is due to start and rescheduled thereafter between the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST; Monday through Friday.

Otherwise, the student is liable to be charged the full amount for the scheduled lesson, unless the tutor agrees not to charge you after a formal discussion. Uplift Future Academics reserves the right for every tutor to charge the cost of the lesson that is cancelled less than 6 hours before its due time, without possibility of this amount being refunded to the student or transferred to other tutors.

Students may reschedule their lessons by contacting Uplift Future Academics via phone/email. Students may be asked to provide the reason for cancellation which will be forwarded to the designated tutor.


Uplift Future Academics may cancel lessons with the students by giving 24 hours prior notice to the student in which there will be no fees incurred. If the lesson was pre-paid, the tutor shall reschedule the lesson to a time that works for both. Client shall be reimbursed for the missed lesson upon the failure of reappointment. Rescheduled sessions are to be completed within a 14 day time frame from the original scheduled date.


Uplift Future Academics calculate the fees according to the lesson time specified to the schedule. There will be no adjustments made for the time lost due to the students arriving late for the scheduled session. Students will only be taught for the allocated time with no extended sessions. If the tutor is late, the time lost will be compensated by extending the lesson upon agreement of both parties. Students that fail to show up to scheduled sessions will be fully responsible for payment of the session. There will be NO discounts/refunds in respect to non-attendance by the student.


Students have the right to change to change their tutor after the first lesson, each student is allowed to do this no more than 2 (two) times. In case, students request a change of tutor more than 2 (two) times, the next first lesson with any tutor will have to be paid. If, for any reason, the tutor does not perform to your expectation, Uplift Future Academics guarantee a free lesson with another tutor. If the services of the second tutor are also not satisfactory, there will be an offer to refund 50% of the initial payment and discontinuation of our services.


Please be aware that we have a limited Refund Policy for all our services. Requests for refunds for students who cannot attend or use our services, regardless of the student’s reason(s) will be honored on a case by case basis. Exceptions may be made only in cases where a student is suffering from serious illness or due to the death of an immediate family member. In such cases, proper official documentation is required.


  • Students are obligated to help their tutors in explaining the subject areas in which the students need assistance.
  • Students must be prepared for every lesson by having the proper materials such as homework, lesson plan in the meeting area prior to the tutor’s arrival.
  • Students/Guardians agree that the lesson planned by the tutor along with the exercises and assigned homework are an integral part of tutoring and must be completed in due course.
  • Guardians must take the responsibility to ensure that students are on their best behavior during each lesson. This includes taking responsibility for the student’s respectful behavior, ethics and task completion.
  • Guardians are responsible for dropping and picking up students on time as soon as the lesson is completed.


Uplift Future Academics endeavors to provide the best educational and professional services possible but does not make any promise or warranties with regards to an individual student’s performance as a direct result of any tutoring/service provided.


Payment must be made before the start of tutoring sessions and can also be made in weekly/monthly installments in advance. Uplift Future Academics will provide invoices for each payment received.