Our Privacy Policy

The privacy of the visitors to Uplift Future Academics is of utmost importance to us (“Upliftfutureacademics.com”, “us”, or “we”). This privacy policy entails the kind of information we collect when you use the services of Uplift Future Academics along with how we use, store, delete, or transfer that information.

The purpose of this privacy policy is not just to conform with the law in protecting your privacy when you visit our site but to also attain your trust. Your trust in Uplift Future Academics is important to us, considering the sensitivity of the information you share.

  • Information we collect
  • How is your data used?
  • How is this information stored and protected?
  • The use of cookies, log files and tracking.
    • Why cookies are used?
    • What about log files?
  • Contact Us


Personal data of our user that is collected through our website by any means is only used to distinguish between different individuals that use Uplift Future Academics for academic purposes.

Uplift Future Academics collects Personal Data when:

  1. Information is provided voluntarily upon visiting our website by the users themselves. Because personal data is particularly sensitive to the one acquired through the website’s cookies is why it is deliberately submitted by each individual. The kind of information that comes in this category is mostly what the user willingly provides the website that mostly entails your;
  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Location
  • Username and password used during the account setup.
  1. Or information that is automatically collected by our website when you use the services of Uplift Future Academics. This category defines the data is collected immediately after you type in Uplift Future Academic’s web address. This means, of collecting different information about an individual automatically can be benefited from the use of cookies. The data includes:
  • The IP address of the device that you used to enter our web address whether it’s from a cell phone or a PC.
  • The internet browser you’ve used to open the website.
  • Information about your device’s connectivity.
  • The device ID being used by the user.
  • And the operating system of the mobile or tablet being used.



Every data collected on an individual is used purely to provide the right kind of services you are looking for through our website. And to do this it is necessary to improve our quality of services which is why you can easily send your suggestions, complaints, comments or query by sending us a message after filling in the required personal information. This helps us greatly in answering your questions and righting any gaps in our quality of services.

We also use this data to:

  1. To prevent any form of spam or abuse from occurring on Uplift Future Academics.
  2. To send our website visitors promotional emails about various courses and help them know about upcoming new courses of different subjects.
  3. It also helps in identifying different users or individuals.


We as Uplift Future Academics make sure to protect all Personal Information collected from an individual by taking the right steps and undergoing accurate procedures. These are all taken to prevent the data of an individual from damage, unintentional loss of any information, and to avoid any unauthorized access to our website.

Information that you are required to take care of yourself is the password that you use for your account SignUp and Log-in. It is recommended to not share the password with anyone else.

We as Uplift Future Academics assure you to take all the steps and do everything in our capability to protect your information from any misuse or harm, but regrettably, the internet is not a safe or secure place therefore we cannot guarantee any transmission of information from the Website.


Why Cookies are used?

  • Like other websites, we also employ cookies to deliver our users with modified and tailored experiences specific to each individual which is only possible when we collect their Personal Information.
  • The use of cookies on our website apart from providing individually oriented experiences is also to gather the individual’s web history and to track the activity on our website. This is one of the steps necessarily taken to protect user’s information and data for any possible damage.

We may also increase the use of cookies on Upliftfutureacademics.com tosave any further information when new services or features that may be added to our website in the future.

What about Log Files?

Log files are an automated information collection of our users. Following information about our users is gathered through log files:

  1. The Internet Protocol (IP) addresses used to visit the website.
  2. The Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  3. All forms of files that are regarded on our website which includes HTML pages, PDF, graphics, JPEG, etc.
  4. Date and time stamp.
  5. The operating system of the device you used to visit the website.
  6. And the clickstream statistics.


If you have any queries about the Privacy Policy mentioned above, or if you would like to receive more information about it you can simply send us a message on our website through the Contact Us option and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.