Academic Mentoring

Are you looking for someone who will guide your child to establish better study habits? Or guide your child on a track that will ensure a superior learning? At Uplift Future Academics, our dedicated Mentors are there to support both and parents in making better choices and develop better study habits.

Services Provided

Organization Skills

Students often falter due to poor organization skills. Our job Is to manage their time and create a schedule that fits best for them.

Study Habits

Most students develop habits during studies that need correction. Let that begone with the help of UFA mentors.


One crucial aspect of learning is having an upsurge of motivation. Mentors are there to help them with it.

Test Preparation

It’s important to have a methodical approach for test preparation. Our Mentors guide you to build such strategies.

Critical Thinking

One of the most important aspect for growth is Critical Thinking. UFA Mentors are professionals to help you build it.


Yet another aspect that hinders methodi-cal learning. Get help From our experts on it

Educational Consulting

Parents need someone to an expert regarding challenges or concerns. We consult with Parents regarding any issue

Special Education

Parents are often concerned of technicalities regarding special education. Our mentors make sure to address and inform all of it

IEP/504 plan

Parents trying to enroll students in IEP/504 need prior understan-ding. Our mentors assist and address all of it.
Uplift Future Academics has the finest Mentors who help children to be on track with not just Academics but also with lifestyle. Their process focuses on identifying the habit of individuals on a weekly basis before recommending the right program that suit their needs.
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