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Asim and Ashiqur are graduates of Georgia Institute of Technology and are currently working as an aerospace manufacturing engineer and a full stack developer, respectively. Quite early on in their educational journey, they understood that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to learning was hindering students’ progress. So they came up with a way to bring together students and practiced professional educators. Their vision is to make private education, online tutoring, and remote learning accessible for everyone.

Students often struggle with their studies because they find it boring and uninspiring. Traditional education does not tap into the creative genius of a child, giving one no room to find out their own answers. We understand students’ need for learning on their own and facilitate them in their quest to seek answers. Our tutors encourage their students to be curious, ask questions, and come up with creative solutions. Whether it is science or humanities, we believe in learning through experiments, activities, and through the implementation of a learning system of trial-and-error, where students learn from their mistakes and improve. Our focus is on inculcating critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students.

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Ashiqur Rahman

Why Us

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Uplift Future Academics has been connecting students with trained professionals for over a decade. We measure our success in terms of the satisfaction of our students and their improved academic performance. Our students bear testimony to our services and professionalism.

We apply an interactive approach to learning and make use of the latest technology, which facilitates understanding and promotes learning.

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Do you need help with your Math homework, or do you need to improve your SAT scores? Do you want to learn Study Skills so you can get the best out of your study hours, or would you like to work on your language skills? Get in touch with us and design a course tailored to meet your needs in collaboration with our experts.

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With our online tutoring services, you can continue to learn and study wherever you are. Remote learning provides you with the freedom to pursue education regardless of your physical location and enables you to manage studies with your other responsibilities.

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Access our online programs from the comfort of your home, your office, or even a café. Save time and increase efficiency by having our expert tutors facilitate and guide you through the course, ensuring:

The Vision Behind Uplift Future Academics

The founders of UFA, Asim Rahman and Ashiqur Rahman came up with the idea for their company when studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Asim and Ashiqur have been tutoring students throughout their academic careers and have insider knowledge of how actual learning takes place. They have helped students meet their educational goals, such as getting through high school and scoring well in SATs to get admission into their preferred universities. At college, they recognized the need for an enterprise that would help connect students with tutors, for they understood the necessity of one-on-one tutoring in assisting students to overcome individual challenges in learning. What started as a little initiative by two students to tutor and mentor struggling students in high school, has transformed today into an online platform that connects thousands of tutors and students.

Why Us

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"Success cannot be achieved with shortcuts"- says Asim Rahman, Co-Founder of Uplift Future Academics
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